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Email Forwarder Setup on Plesk

Email Forwarder Setup on Plesk

Email Forwarder Setup on Plesk

Email forwarders are when emails addressed to an email address are re-routed to a different email address. This process is referred to as forwarding – as the email is being forwarded from one address to another.

This is often used when you want to save yourself the hassle of checking multiple email address inboxes – as you can forward multiple email addresses to one inbox.

This article will detail the process for setting up email forwarding in Plesk. To create an email forwarder in Plesk, follow the instructions below.

To set up email forwarding for an email address:

1. login to the Plesk control panel

2. Click on “Mail” option from the domain control panel. Click on the Email address on which you wish to set up Email forwarding.

3. Click the “Forwarding” tab from the next page. Then enable the option “Switch on Email Forwarding” and Email address you want to set as a forwarder for this Email account.

Now all incoming messages to that Email will forward to the Email addresses you mentioned in the box.


Setting Up Mail Forwarding

Email Management in Plesk


Final Words

Email Forwarder Setup on Plesk

Congratulations! You have finally Email Forwarder on  Plesk on your server. Let us know in the comments how you managed to do it and dont forget to share it with your colleagues.

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