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Email Management in Plesk

Email Management in Plesk

Email Management in Plesk

Though companies tend to use multiple social tools, email marketing remains a top way for brands to contact clients. However, many lack the time or technical expertise to manage a mail server, let alone manage its potential threats. Hence why outsourcing mail server management is so popular, despite the cost. But with a Plesk mail server, you have a hosting panel linking system services and the user. So you can self-manage mailboxes on your website domain, manage mailing lists, and more. Let’s discuss what you can dowith Plesk Mail Server Management.

Configuring Server-Wide Mail Settings

Email Management in Plesk

Plesk works with your mail server software – the key provider of email services for mailboxes and mailing lists. Once you install this, the mail server auto-configures and you’re all set to use it. However, we recommend you review the default settings to ensure these meet your business needs.

When it comes to general settings, we suggest you leave the Enable mail management functions in Plesk checked. So your users can create custom email accounts and use the mail services the Plesk-managed mail server provides. They can also change the Installed mail server and Installed IMAP/POP3 server with the corresponding links leading to the Plesk Installer GUI page.

You should also consider limiting the size of email addresses and of incoming email through your server. Just by inputting a value in KB in the Maximum message size box. Linux users can change default mail server limits on the simultaneous connections users can make to the server.

Creating an e-mail account

You can refer the following steps to create Email account in Plesk.

1: Login to Plesk Admin Panel.

2: Click on the “Websites & Domains” option from the left tab. Click “Mail” icon listed on the right side of the page.

Email Management in Plesk

3:Now under the Email Addresses section we can see the “Create Email Address” option. Click on it.

Email Management in Plesk

4: A new page will open to create a new Email account we need to add an Email address, password and Email quota for new account we are going to create.

You need to keep the “Mail Box” option enabled, otherwise mailbox will not be created for your Email account. If you wish to use the Email address as an Email forwarder, you can disable the option.

That will create a new Email account.

Email Management in Plesk

Remove Email Address

You can use the following steps to remove Email accounts from Plesk panel.

1: Go to “Mail” tab at the home page of the domain control panel.

2: Now we can see lists of the existing Email address.

3: Select Email account(s) you want to remove, then click “Remove” as shown in the image.

Click on Yes to remove the Email address.

That will remove the selected Email Accounts.


Your Guide to Plesk Mail Server Management


Final Words

Email Management in Plesk

Congratulations! You have finally Email Management in Plesks Plesk on your server. Let us know in the comments how you managed to do it and dont forget to share it with your colleagues.

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