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how to change BIND to PowerDNS in cPanel


how to change BIND to PowerDNS in cPanel

The PowerDNS open source DNS server software offers high performance with very low memory requirements. cPanel’s PowerDNS implementation reads DNS data from the BIND files and stores DNSSEC data in a SQLite database. This makes cPanel’s PowerDNS compatible with most of cPanel’s DNS Management tools.

PowerDNS Caching

PowerDNS use ‘Packet Cache’ by default. It identifies similar queries and provides related answers, respectively. The cache interval setting for PowerDNS works on the TTL (Time To Live) setting, and the default interval is 20 seconds. In PowerDNS, the individual queries and also an entire packet can be cached.


PowerDNS allows you to use DNS Security Extension (DNSSEC) with your domains’ DNS records. DNSSEC adds a layer of security to your domains’ DNS records. DNSSEC uses digital signatures and cryptographic keys to validate the DNS responses’ authenticity. These digital signatures protect clients from various forms of attack, such as Spoofing or a Man-in-the-Middle attack.

To enable DNSSEC, follow the directions in our Zone Editor documentation.

how to change

1.login whm

2.Navigate to WHM’s  Nameserver Selection interface (WHM >> Home >> Service Configuration >> Nameserver Selection).

3.Select PowerDNS.

4.Click Save.

Troubleshoot PowerDNS

To troubleshoot PowerDNS further, check the /var/log/messages error log.

Final Words

Congratulations! You have finally how to change BIND to PowerDNS in cPanel on your server. Let us know in the comments how you managed to do it and dont forget to share it with your colleagues.

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