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How to Enable the Disk Usage notifications on WHM

How to Enable the Disk Usage notifications on WHM


Your WHM provides you several notifications that provide warnings when resources are being exhausted. Three of these notifications are: system disk space usage warning, disk quota usage warning, and out of memory warning. You can easily find these settings in WHM using Tweak Settings. The following tutorial will review how to find these notifications in your server. You will also see a large number of other notifications that you can choose to activate.

How to Enable the Disk Usage notifications on WHM

1. Login to the WHM as the Root User

How to Access/Login WHM/cPanel and Webmail

2. In the search field in the top left corner, type in tweak.

and Click on Tweak Settings.

3. On the Tweak Settings page, click on the tab labeled Notifications.

4. You will see the notifications that you can set in the Notifications page. Find these three notifications that we discussed at the beginning of the article:

System disk space usage
Disk Quota Usage
Out of memory

These notifications are by default set to “on”. If you wish to disable them, then simply click on the “off” radial button, then click on the Save button at the bottom of the page.


Note: Notifications that are in bold in the list above are activated.

You will also see the other available notifications for your account. You can set these options to be enabled or change their threshold for activation.


Now you know How to Enable the Disk Usage notifications on WHM. You should be able to login to your server via WHM.

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